Can You Make a Living Selling Final Expense Life Insurance?

Can You Make a Living Selling Final Expense Life Insurance?

As many people are looking for jobs, they run into ads about selling insurance to seniors and how they can make a lot of money in this field. As they research, they see a lot of emphasis on final expense life insurance and begin narrowing it down to this one type of insurance to sell. But the question lingers in their minds, “Can you make a living selling final expense life insurance?”

Despite all the claims to riches and the promised six figure income, many people have doubts that this is all true. In fact, I will get a few emails a week asking me this very question. People want to know that if they invest their time, energy and money into this livelihood, will they be able to make a living and career out of the endeavor.

Well, the answer is a simple “YES.” You may not get rich or make six figures a year but with a little time, energy, knowledge, determination, whits and guidance, you can make a nice income for the rest of your life.

Final expense insurance selling is very easy and the market is ripe for the product. You have a mass amount of seniors from the baby boomer generation flooding the final expense market and they are either uninsured, under insured, have the wrong insurance, or are paying over-priced premiums.

Your only job is to get in front of them and make sure they are aware of the cost of final expenses; then educate them about their options and the cost to insure themselves.

In the membership area of (your book on final expense insurance) we have all the tips on selling burial insurance you need to address these issues and convince they prospect to buy from you.

Buying life insurance is a simple duty that each of us should do. We should all have life insurance for whatever situation we are in. As a father, I have life insurance for my wife and children to make sure they are taken care of if I were to pass away.

Seniors have other responsibilities, such as the livelihood of their spouse or just the fact that they don’t want to leave the cost of their death to their families. It is a senior’s duty to make sure this burden is not passed on and it’s your duty to make them aware of their responsibility.  This is the basis of the sale and the emotional pull that gets them to buy.

It’s that easy. You show them why they need it, in their heart they know they need it and you show them a fair price to meet their need, they sign and you are on your way.

It’s a great service and great career to be in. Good luck and feel free to go to ask any questions you have on final expense insurance selling. You can also join www. for a complete guide on how to be successful selling final expense insurance.