Equita Final Expense

by Training Team

Equita, otherwise known as EFES, ls one of the largest Final Expense companies in the market.

They provide agents with final expense leads and a final expense sales process in exchange for a chunk of your commissions and renewals.

You can make a lot of sales with Equita. In fact, most agents sell well over 100k in yearly premiums even when they are new to the insurance world.

They give you a great system for final expense insurance sales.

However, from what we are told and what we have experienced, Equita agents have nothing to show for it.

One of our members sold 150k in his first six months with them, yet he ended up leaving there with no money in the bank and debt to the insurance companies.

Several other agents have emailed us with similar stories. They have no money to show for it.

Basically, what we have concluded is that their products are just too limited. You don’t have the right products and therefore, your applications get denied.

Also, we feel strongly that you need that extra commission to succeed.

Companies like Equita Final Expense start you off at 80% commission; however, if you are independent, you will get paid 110% – 125% … you really need that extra 30 – 45% commission … that is your cash to put in the bank.

Imagine if you made $200,000 in sales and you could have $160,000 of that money or you could have $250,000 … that is $90,000 dollars more.

In fact, after just 4 months after our friend left Equita, the one who left broke and debt, he now has $70,000 in the bank (which, by the way is me :)) …

You see, I rarely get an applications denied now because I have a slew of companies to choose from. When I submit an application, I know for sure that the sale is going to go through.

Approved applications at 110%+ commission, means money in the bank.

So, my point is, choose your companies wisely. Don’t get suckered in to these companies that give you leads. The fact is, all they do is send out mailers and you can easily do this yourself.

BTW: Equita is a great company and you learn a lot but you are not going to make much money there. If you want to go there to just learn the business, then that’s an option but we have compiled everything you will learn there plus so much more …

If you want to make money, then consider what we are saying.

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Mark Escamilla January 31, 2013 at 2:45 am

Who do you work for now? I am considering asurea(already contracted), efes, and security national since all I want t sell is final expense.


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