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Thread: Securus Final Expense???

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    Securus Final Expense???

    Is this company, Securus, the same as Equita Final Expense?

    I'm thinking of joining their group?

    Any opinions?

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    No, they are two totally separate entities. I wouldn't send my worst enemy over to Securus!

    I've had agents come to me after being with both Equita and Securus. I've heard some horror stories about both companies, but Securus is the leader in those stories.

    I have had a few agents that were able to retain a release from Equita (according to their manager), but never from Securus even though they posted in another open forum that they give releases. They will obviously lie to you in a heartbeat!
    Todd R. King

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    I've not heard much of Securus Final Expense. I believe they are fairly new to the FE market or at least new to most of us.

    I worked for Equita Final Expense and I don't have any complaints for how they treated me. They actually treated me very well and it was me who left them. Mainly because I just wasn't seeing the money I should have been seeing in my bank account.

    Some of the reason was my own fault but a big portion was just the amount of commissions they were paying me. Their cut was just too much to cover all my cost and expenses to make it worth staying with EFES Final Expense.

    Once I went independent and increased my income by 30%+, I found the profits to be there as I thought they should be.

    As for Securus Final Expense, Todd is a good resource on these issues and I would trust his opinion.
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