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Thread: Lincoln Heritage?

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    Lincoln Heritage?

    I passed my proctored exam today and will take the state exam next week (Ohio). Several months back I ran into an old aquaintance who is a Broker that writes only fe. He has done quite well and has only been a broker for a couple of years. He knew my sales background and encouraged me to look into it and I did . I have been sold on this niche every since. I see the advantages of becoming a broker, but the reality of the up front lead generating costs is not realistic for me at this time. Since then I ran into another friend who has been a captive agent with Lincoln Heritage since April and is doing quite well also. I am aware of the pro's and con's with Lincoln(low contracts,high premiums). What I don't understand is that on forums, Lincoln gets their share of bashing but nobody points out an alternative. What I mean by alternative is a company with a lead program for an agent who does not have $3000 to gamble with reponse rates in direct mail ect ect. I have not found any other company that will allow an agent to "cut their teeth" in the business , learn the ropes and have a consistent steam of leads to sell to with liberal underwriting. Other companies seem to want you to write a full portfolio of products, and I am not interested at this point in that route. I would like to focus exclusively on Final Expense for the time being as my two friends did. I also had a bankruptcy one year ago. I understand that this can possibly disqualify me from being appointed with some Final Expense companies, is that correct?? Will you share your opinion on all of this with me? Should I look at a marketing agencies like the Keene Group? My only concern with a marketing group is that the lead flow will not live up to the hype. I have been out in the field with my buddy with Lincoln, and one thing he always has is a fresh pile of leads. I respectfully wait for your response...

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    The fact that Lincoln will "finance" your leads is hard to combat, but one alternative for you might be with Monumental Life. Good rates for FE and the leads through them are $275/1000. If you are interested in that you can give me a call and I can help you get appointed with them.
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