Internet Final Expense Sales Leads

We are now in the information age and by a click of a button you can have just about any information you want. Most seniors are not as likely to go online for a quote, but as the internet age progresses, more and more seniors are starting to use computers.

Simply by typing in the Google search bar “Final Expense Insurance Quote,” seniors are coming to websites that will give them quotes. The senior fills out their information, clicks “Get Quote Now” and then comes to a page stating that a licensed insurance representative will be contacting them within 24 hours. These type of quotes are then sold as internet final expense leads to insurance agents who call the unsuspecting prospect.

Unfortunately, most lead companies not only sell you the lead, but as many as 10 other agents might get the lead too. By the time you call the senior, they have already talked to 5 other agents. This is when you feel cheated and possibly type in the Google search bar, “Final Expense Sales Leads Complaint Fraud Scam,” looking to see if other agents feel the same way.

Personally, what I would do, rather than pay for internet final expense leads for $20, that are shared with other agents, I would create my own final expense sales leads website that will capture your own leads.

Here is how I would do it:

  1. Buy a domain name online
  2. Find a host for your website
  3. Design a webpage that has a lead capture box on the front page.
  4. Purchase adwords from Google to advertise your site
  5. Research keywords that seniors search for on google relating to buying final expense life insurance (people type in strange keywords like “expense final insurance lead life,” so do your research so you don’t miss any search terms).
  6. Write a couple of articles with those search terms in the article.
  7. Advertise on websites like Facebook and through other ad companies etc

If you do this effectively, this is a great way to get cheap final expense leads or even free final expense leads, depending on how you set up your site.

Research online on how to set up a website and how to take advantage of search engine optimization. There are many different methods out there and if you put a little time into it, you will have your own lead generating gold mine within a few months.

You can also use telemarketers to generate final expense sales leads by outsourcing to the Philippines, India or even in the USA (depending on how much you want to spend). However, this can be costly so make sure you are a good sales person and have an office manager to manage your leads and business efficiently. You will also want a final expense appointment setter if you aren’t good at setting final expense appointments yourself.

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