Selling Final Expense Over The Phone In Your Underwear

Selling final expense over the phone in your underwear is not such a bad thought. You wake up, open your email to your current calling list, put on your headset and turn on your dialer.

When someone answers, you just say: “Hi Mrs. Jones, this is Jim Spark and the reason I’m calling is to see if you would like to buy some burial/final expense life insurance today. If so, it will only take about 15 minutes and you will be insured before you hang up the phone. Would you be interested?”

They either say they are interested or they hang up the phone. If they hang up, your dialer automatically calls the next prospect on your list and you just say the same thing, hoping some senior will buy insurance from you.

If you do it this way, you only have the cost of the list and the cost of whatever dialer system you are using.

The other way of selling final expense life insurance over the phone is to buy final expense sales leads from some company. If you do this, you may have a few people to call but since final expense leads sell for about $20 a piece, you might find yourself broke before your first paycheck if you are calling just 10 people a day.

This is the biggest obstacle with selling final expense by phone. The leads just bury most agents and make it virtually impossible to succeed. Now some brokers disagree and claim to have the magic system for selling final expense over the phone, but I tend to believe, after talking to thousands of agents, that face-to-face is your best option for making a true living selling final expense insurance.

However, if you are attached to working in your pajamas or are just too old to go out there and bang on doors every day, I recommend just buying a list, using a dialer system and calling until you make at least one sale a day. If you do this Monday through Friday, you will have 5 sales a week, with virtually no lead cost, no gas/car expense and no stress of looking for leads.

If you want to sell final expense and telesales is the way you want to sell it, then go for it. You will want to get licensed in several states (go to, get a list of seniors within the income bracket of $0 – $50,000 a year and start calling.

For a step-by-step guide to selling final expense, go to and become one of our members. Also, for any questions you have, go to and one of the experienced final expense agents will be able to give you advice you need.

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