Final Expense 101 is a site dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive guide to selling final expense life insurance. We devote our time to giving you every resource you need to make the right decisions and the right sales with ease. FE101 is for both agents that are new and seasoned agents who want to stay on top of their game.


At FE101 we are dedicated to teaching you how to effectively and positively sell Final Expense Insurance. You will also learn how to canvas and screen for the appropriate senior candidates most likely to say yes! Our focus at FE101 is to give you back time lost prospecting and hunting for new clients! We teach you how to swiftly and easily close your sales by presenting them in a clear and strong way.

Not only do we offer great training and superior customers support. You’ll get exclusive membership discounts with other places as well! A membership that pays for its self.

Reliable and Best in the business. Not only are we going to train you..we will be here to provide you a hand in every step of the way. You can contact us by email at the top of this page or the bottom. You can also catch us on our live chat support to ask questions with immediate answers! Not only are we there but we are highly experienced in the insurance industry!


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We're dearly sorry that the free calculator is no longer in service. However, we do have a premium calculator from a third party vendor that is extremely discounted for members of this site.