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Welcome to Final Expense 101 (FE101)

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Final expense insurance agent training from the ground up. Learn the basics of how final expense products work, sales training, sales techniques, tips, and real-world case studies to help you think critically in the field. 

Just getting started can be tough, especially when you're going at it alone. This site is dedicated to helping you learn the best practices of both business and final expense.

Six reasons why you should choose us.

FE101 was designed for Final Expense focused insurance agents by Final Expense insurance agents.

Learn advanced Final Expense insurance sales and prospecting techniques, case design, underwriting, audience targeting, and more.

Developed to help you build a bigger and more profitable book of Final Expense business. Go from just another insurance agent to THE INSURANCE ADVISOR for your clients.

Learn to attract your idea Final Expense clients, close more deals, make more money, have the career you want, and get the tools you need to succeed.

Get unlimited one-on-one coaching and support without having to do contracts or being tied to an upline. Assistance with case design, policy placement, best business practices, and more.

Save on the overhead and startup cost of running your Final Expense insurance business. Get several exclusive discounts on E&O, leads, website design and development, software, and more once you're a paying member of the website!

about us

A Clear Vision To Help You

A simple but important vision to get the training and guidance YOU need to be a successful final expense insurance agent. A goal to match your needs: Teach (or Improve) how you prospect and sell FE insurance to your clients.

A final expense insurance agent training program created in 2009 to give YOU access to vital and premium training, support, and guidance without needing contracts with uplines.

What Category Below Sounds Most Like YOU?

We can help both new insurance agents and seasoned professionals.

You're New To Insurance

You're looking at getting into the insurance industry with a focus on Final Expense products. As you started your search about how to prepare and get started you were overwhelmed with information.

After hours of researching, you're still not sure where to start, what information what correct, or what direction is right for you.

You're A Seasoned Agent

You've already gone through some training and made sales. However, you want to get even higher closing ratios and learn more advanced selling techniques. 

Unfortunately, the upline you're appointed with no longer provides you the support you need, answers the phone, or returns your phone calls.

You need someone to help.

The Problem

Typically, to get access to training, support, guidance, and the mentorship you need from your upline.

You have to do one or some of the following:

  • Sign-up for contracts
  • Be a producing agent
  • Take a commission cut
  • Make additional purchases for training
  • Or something similar to get what you need

This means a lot of people just like you, aren't getting the help they truly deserve and need to grow their Final Expense insurance career.

The Solution

Final Expense 101 was created to provide you with all the training, support, guidance, and mentorship you need to take you career to the next level.

All for a flat and affordable monthly membership that pays for itself. (Exclusive discounts will save you 3 - 5x more than your first month's membership payment.)

  • No gimmicks or hoops to jump through to get access to what you need
  • You don't have to be a producing agent to get help
  • Get real advice, no companies pushed on you because it benefits your upline
  • Don't waste thousands of dollars on "do-it-my-way-or-fail" turnkey sales and marketing systems

Commit yourself to honing your craft and refining your Final Expense insurance sales & marketing systems with the help of FE101.


Check out what agents just like you say about us

Closing 1 in 3 Appointments, Since Becoming A Member!

Jeff P Independent Insurance Agent

Before joining, I hadn't really sold much Final Expense. I was primarily selling Medicare Supplements in New York. So, I signed up to learn more about Final Expense and ever since, I have been closing one out of three sales and making on average $900 - $2,000 every time I make appointments!!! I really needed a confidence boost to help lift up my own abilities and your training program did that for me. I was really inspired by all the things the training went over, and the positive attitude the staff had. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for putting up your website and making it affordable. My business is now going strong and I'm glad I decided to sign up!

I Built My Own Agency Off This Training, And Send My Agents Here Too!

Michael Spinelli MS Insurance Marketing Agency

I joined FE101 back in 2012 and I'm grateful I did. Since then, I have used the training to build my own agency and I have found that many of my newer agents or even veterans, need this training! Therefore, I have been sending more and more of my agents to Final Expense 101 to learn the business the right way, just like I did. By having this training website for agents to visit 24/7, it enhances their consideration of contracting with me. In addition, it gives them the confidence to meet the challenge of a new career or insurance product. I have found the FE101 training program to be beneficial for them to learn the basics of selling Final Expense at their own pace, giving them a good foundation to be successful!

Questions and Answers.

Is Selling Final Expense Insurance A Good Career Choice?

The short answer, YES!

Now the long answer, the final expense market is growing and is a niche market inside of insurance that needs attention and help from insurance agents like you. The product is simple and the money is there to be made. All YOU need is self-discipline, organizational skills, and the commitment to always do what's right for your client.

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