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Our Mission Statement To YOU

If you're here, then most likely YOU want to know how to prospect, close, and service Final Expense clients or you're looking to break into the industry.

If you're still here reading this text, then I assume the answer is "Yes, that is what I'm looking for". Inside the training program is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know whether you are a seasoned FE agent or just starting today.

The Final Expense 101 insurance agent training program will coach you or refine how YOU EFFECTIVELY prospect and sell Final Expense insurance products with honesty, consistency, and professionally.

The moment you become a member, You'll get training videos and content instantly! You'll have the ability to review case studies, schedule phone coaching sessions, discounts, and rapid support.

What Our Members Say About Us...

Closing 1 in 3 Appointments, Since Becoming A Member!

Jeff P Independent Insurance Agent

Before joining, I hadn't really sold much Final Expense. I was primarily selling Medicare Supplements in New York. So, I signed up to learn more about Final Expense and ever since, I have been closing one out of three sales and making on average $900 - $2,000 every time I make appointments!!! I really needed a confidence boost to help lift up my own abilities and your training program did that for me. I was really inspired by all the things the training went over, and the positive attitude the staff had. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for putting up your website and making it affordable. My business is now going strong and I'm glad I decided to sign up!

I Would Have Paid MORE!

Donald L. Independent Final Expense Agency Owner

The Final Expense 101 Training program is really well organized and extremely helpful! FE101 should be asking for a lot more money than they do! Thank you for the help getting into this business!

I Built My Own Agency Off This Training, And Send My Agents Here Too!

Michael Spinelli MS Insurance Marketing Agency

I joined FE101 back in 2012 and I'm grateful I did. Since then, I have used the training to build my own agency and I have found that many of my newer agents or even veterans, need this training! Therefore, I have been sending more and more of my agents to Final Expense 101 to learn the business the right way, just like I did. By having this training website for agents to visit 24/7, it enhances their consideration of contracting with me. In addition, it gives them the confidence to meet the challenge of a new career or insurance product. I have found the FE101 training program to be beneficial for them to learn the basics of selling Final Expense at their own pace, giving them a good foundation to be successful!

Our Journey

This training website and program was started in 2009, so that Final Expense insurance agents would have access to high-quality training without being forced to accept contracts from uplines just to get help, training, and started in the business.

Since We Started

TR King Insurance Marketing brought Final Expense 101 under its wing in 2015. Since then, the website has been updated and revamped to be more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and the courses laid out into a structured environment to increase YOUR success. This is a self-paced, on demand Final Expense insurance agent training program designed to be accessible anywhere in the world, at anytime, and when YOU need it!

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