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Additional Testimonials

Additional FinalExpense101.com Reviews

You should be asking a lot more money for this Final Expense Training. It’s really well organized and extremely helpful. Thank you!

Don L. – Buffalo, NY (June 2013)

I became a member yesterday of FinalExpense101.com and went thru most of your website last nite. You have done an incredible job of giving out much needed and relevant info to Agents doing Final Expense Insurance.

Salim A. – Memphis, TN (May 2013)

Great basic training! I’ve been licensed since 1979 and there was still a lot of info about this market that I’d forgot and some I just did not know. thanks for a concise format and a No BS approach!!

Gene D. (Feb. 2013)

FE101, Almost 2 year ago you personally recommended me to TR King Insurance Marketing and for that, I am grateful. Since then, I have built my own agency and I have found that many newer agents, even veterans, need training; therefore, I’ve begun sending more and more agents to FinalExpense101.com to learn this business the right way. By having this training website for agents to visit 24/7, it enhances their consideration of contracting with me and they will have the confidence to make the challenge of a new career or insurance product change. I have found it beneficial for them to learn the basics of selling final expense at their own pace, giving them a good foundation to be successful

Mike Spinelli, CLU / MS Insurance Marketing (December 2012)

I just wanted to say this is a great site and I appreciate the great info. This helped me to not have to go through Equita and I was able to obtain higher contracts and still get on a lead program. Thanks You.

Daniel P. – Mobile, AL (October 2012)

I really wish I had signed up for your site 6 months ago. Rather than making some broker rich, I would have been getting rich. Anyway, at least I found your material. Thank you so much for making it so easy to understand how to make money in this business. Your information is totally awesome!!!

Jim Evans – San Antonio, TX (July 2012)

I just joined yesterday and I am sooo glad I did. Good information I wish I had 8 months ago when I started out…

Roger W. – Denver, CO (January 2012)

I have enjoyed your lessons. They have been a great help to me…

Elmer C. – Michigan (December 2011)

…I love your site and appeciate you taking the time to put it together. It is the best resource I have found for FE.

David E. – San Francisco, CA (November 2011)

…I hadn’t really sold much final expense because I was primarily selling med supps in New York so I signed up for your web site. Since I signed up for your site, I have been closing one out of three sales and making on average 900 to 2000 dollars every time I go out! I just needed a confidence boost to regenerate my own abilities and your web site did that for me. I was really inspired by all the things you said, your positive attitude, company listings, etc etc. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for putting up your site and making it afforadable. My business is now going strong and I’m glad I decided to sign up on your site!!

Jeff P. – New York (September 2011)