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Self-Paced Final Expense Training Program

Comprehensive Final Expense training at your fingertips. Make sure you're fully equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to sell FE successfully. 

To give clients high-quality service, you need the highest quality training you can find. You'll find all the resources YOU NEED in one place, accessible and on-demand when you need it. It doesn't matter if your a seasoned professional or just get started in the Final Expense insurance industry. We'll get you set up and selling Final Expense products in no time!

Get The Full Support You Need

Starting in the Final Expense sales business can be rough. We understand your pain and exactly what it takes to push forward. You'll get all ther materials you need to get going and we'll be there to guide and support you every step of YOUR JOURNEY.

Here's a quick review of what you'll get by being a member:

  • You'll get instant access to on-demand training videos and content.
  • You'll be able to set up DEDICATED one-on-one coaching and training sessions by phone, live chat, email, or by using the appointment software during business hours.
  • You also get real-time support, when you need it most from a real person. (During office hours).
  • Training examples for real-life scenarios for studying and review.
  • Plenty of exclusive insurance agent discounts to make the costs for starting in insurance as low as possible.
  • Free tools, a customer relationship management system (CRM), and a Final Expense quoting tool to help you get started.
  • Several documents, spreadsheets, planners, and worksheets to increase your sales and grow your business.

How it Works


Review FE101 Membership Pricing & Plans

You'll find two pricing plans below, each including bullet points of what's included. This should help you determine what you need to get started and a price that suits YOU.


Pick A Plan and Subscribe!

Once you've decided, click on your desired plan, fill out the form, and submit your payment.


Login and Engage

When you complete registration and payment, you'll be taken to your dashboard. You'll get instant access to training, resources, discounts, and sales materials you can use. Learn at your own pace, use the tools, and download the materials when you need them.


Start Building Your Final Expense Insurance Business

As YOU work through the training, complete actions & tasks, and use the software & tools, you'll have everything you need to start setting up your business. You'll gain complete guidance, support, resources, software, tools, and discounts to make it possible.

See What Members Have To Say About The Program

Avoid PitFalls And Get Ahead!

I am just getting started in FE. Fortunately, I came across your Final Expense 101 training program website where I subscribed for the training. The staff helped me make sure I was asking the right questions and avoiding the beginning pitfalls of getting into this market. The training helped me gain the solid foundation I needed to get up and running. Thank you!

Bob B. ... Independent FE Agent

Packed With Great Info!

This site is packed with great info. Your typical IMO does not have the time or won't put in the effort or money to do this. I would not hesitate to recommend your site to anyone that is staying on top of their trade. Thank you for your effort!

Gary W. ... Independent Final Expense Agent

Avoided Mistakes Thanks To Training Program

I just wanted to say this is a great website and training program. I appreciated all of the great information. This helped me to avoid some mistakes early in my career and I would have missed them if it wasn't for this training!

Daniel P. ... Independent Insurance Agent

I Built My Own Agency Off This Training, And Send My Agents Here Too!

I joined FE101 back in 2012 and I'm grateful I did. Since then, I have used the training to build my own agency and I have found that many of my newer agents or even veterans, need this training! Therefore, I have been sending more and more of my agents to Final Expense 101 to learn the business the right way, just like I did. By having this training website for agents to visit 24/7, it enhances their consideration of contracting with me. In addition, it gives them the confidence to meet the challenge of a new career or insurance product. I have found the FE101 training program to be beneficial for them to learn the basics of selling Final Expense at their own pace, giving them a good foundation to be successful!

Michael Spinelli ... MS Insurance Marketing Agency

Wish I Would Have Signed Up Earlier!

I really wish I had signed up for your website and training program, six months before I finally decided to. I kept reading reviews and wavering back and forth on whether I should or not. Thank you so much for making it so easy to understand how to make money in this business. Your training program is totally awesome!!!

Jim Evans ... Independent FE Agent

Closing 1 in 3 Appointments, Since Becoming A Member!

Before joining, I hadn't really sold much Final Expense. I was primarily selling Medicare Supplements in New York. So, I signed up to learn more about Final Expense and ever since, I have been closing one out of three sales and making on average $900 - $2,000 every time I make appointments!!! I really needed a confidence boost to help lift up my own abilities and your training program did that for me. I was really inspired by all the things the training went over, and the positive attitude the staff had. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for putting up your website and making it affordable. My business is now going strong and I'm glad I decided to sign up!

Jeff P ... Independent Insurance Agent

Much Needed and Relevant Info For Agents

You have done an incredible job of giving out much needed and relevant information for Agents doing Final Expense insurance. I became a member of Final Expense 101 and loved all the training!

Salim A. ... Independent Insurance Agent

I Would Have Paid MORE!

The Final Expense 101 Training program is really well organized and extremely helpful! FE101 should be asking for a lot more money than they do! Thank you for the help getting into this business!

Donald L. ... Independent Final Expense Agency Owner

Great Basic Training for FE Agents!

I've been licensed since 1979 and there was still a lot of information and training I needed about this market! Some I had even forgotten over time! And some I did not know! Thank you for providing training in an easy to read and concise format. I like the NO BS approach!!! Great Basic Training!

Gene D ... Independent FE Agent

Valuable Tools To Enter The Market!

From my past experiences, your program is perfect for me. I have always been independent, this program has given me valuable tools to emerge into this market equipped.

Sher E. ... Independent Insurance Agent

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You can control your membership inside of your dashboard. You can downgrade or upgrade inside the member dashboard as you see fit. Want to save a little money, upgrade to the annual membership. Want to change and pay by the month, simply downgrade to the monthly membership.

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Membership Pricing & Plans

We provide two different membership options to fit your needs and budget: Monthly and Annual access. Please review each plan below and then click the button to sign up. Hover over/Tap on the arrow icon for more information next to each bullet point.


Per User

  • Instant Access 24/7
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Member Support
  • Case Studies
  • Member Discounts
  • Free  Insurance CRM
  • Free Final Expense Quote Tool
  • Free Sales Materials For Download

$ 29.99 per month

Annual + Get 2 Months FREE

Per User

  • Instant Access 24/7
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Member Support
  • Case Studies
  • Member Discounts
  • Free Insurance CRM
  • Free Final Expense Quote Tool
  • Free Sales Materials for Download

$ 299 per year



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