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You've Just Found the Best Resource Available, Anywhere, for Both New & Established Insurance Agents Who Want to Learn the Skills Needed - or, Improve Their Existing Skills - to Succeed Beyond Their Wildest Dreams, in the Essential Field of Selling & Servicing ' FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE'. It almost sells itself, since everyone will have 'Final Expenses'.
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Final Expense
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Our website was the first one online to offer an all-inclusive resource for Final Expense sales training.
We teach you how to sell Burial Insurance effectively and positively and how to canvass and screen appropriate senior candidates. We want you to spend more time selling and less time prospecting and hunting for new clients. We also teach you how to close more sales by presenting ‘Final Expense Life Insurance’ in a clear & strong way. We make it easy for you to demonstrate the need and help them make right decisions about this need. After all, you are just trying to help them relieve their families from dealing with this necessary expense at the worst possible time.
The Wisdom of Experience
Backed by ‘Support’
We designed our website specifically to give agents a thorough resource to help you learn everything about ‘Final Expense Life Insurance’. We wanted you to go into this business armed so you could fend against the vulture recruiters out there who are looking to fill their pockets by your efforts.
We wanted to tell you that this is not necessary. You can contract with insurance companies independently and generate leads yourself. By taking these leads, making appointments, delivering a first class sales presentation and showing your prospects how cheap this insurance is, you will have seniors hugging you for making the decision so easy and affordable.
Do you really need someone to hold your hand to do this? Join today and see how easy it really is.
Learning Painlessly
It’s Never Been so Easy!
Our approach to learning is actually based on our own resistance to heavy study guides, hours at the Library or the need to memorize large blocks of content, just so you can repeat those blocks to prospects. You don’t need those large blocks to describe Final Expense Insurance, and the reasons for buying ‘Burial Insurance’ are so obvious that most people don’t even need a heavy sales effort to reach a positive decision. With our calculated insurance sales system, our first class sales presentation, combined with the obvious need for Burial Insurance, you will find that you are selling 2-4 policies a day. You will see your bank account grow quickly and steadily.
However, it does need to be presented professionally and sincerely, and there is information a person needs to do this well. But, with our website and support, you won’t have to jump through any hoops or give up your commissions, renewals or freedom just to learn how to sell such a simple product.
There is a lot of money to be made and the sooner we can get you out in the field, the sooner you’re going to be making that money.
And we’re here to help you do just that — whether you want to be an independent agent working for yourself or a captive agent working for someone else. Regardless, we’ll help you learn this aspect of the insurance business ‘Inside & Out’.
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This site is a comprehensive guide to teach you how to succeed in selling final expense life insurance. We give you all the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.
We have designed this website so that you don’t have to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops. If you know what to do, you can go into this ‘Final Expense Insurance’ business without sacrificing your commissions or your freedom.
Whether you want to be an independent agent or a captive agent, this site will help you learn the business ‘Inside & Out’. There is no need to sign up with a company at lower commissions just to receive top notch training. It’s all right here!


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Aesop, The Great Greek Story Teller’s Tale of
Vision, Effort, Success and Reward.
Click here or the ‘Play Button’ below and listen to a new life insurance agent who has been very successful in following our sales system and in presenting and selling ‘Final Expense Life Insurance’. Just by working hard and capturing the mood of an easy going guy, a person who cares, this agent shot off like a rocket, making thousands of dollars instantly.
“Keys to Success”
With Our Help, You Will Quickly Learn:
  • How to get your Insurance License
  • How to identify and sign on with Final Expense Insurance companies and get appointments with those companies which offer the highest commission rates.
  • Where to buy leads — and how to prospect for leads.
  • How to pre-set Final Expense appointments over the phone, and how to hire someone to do that for you, at an extremely reasonable fees.
  • How to sell Burial Insurance by following an easy, step-by-step guide — including a basic Telesales phone script.
  • How to Overcome Buyers’ Objections and their sales-resistance maneuvers.
  • How to Close the Sale, with a smile.
  • Insurance Sales Tips — the very things the seasoned pros use, over & over.
  • Customer-Care tools & techniques — what those same seasoned pros use to retain their customers for years, enjoying residual revenues without the need to re-sell the same people year in & year out.
  • And, for a bonus, we will provide you with effective Scripts, on ‘Cold-Calling’ Senior Citizens to promote Medicare Supplement policies
  • Plus, we will answer all questions, and provide ongoing support, by email so you have written answers to save and refer to, whenever needed.
Unlocking the Doors to Success
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A New Agent’s 1st Year Success Story
6 Figures Using this Script
** Whether you want to brush up on Burial Insurance or are brand new to employment as a final expense life insurance agent, this site will be your text book on final expense insurance.
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For New and Experienced Agents
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About Our Trainer
King of the Senior Market
Todd began his insurance career in 1998, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, as a captive agent for an agency based in Bowling Green, Kentucky offering services to seniors. He quickly realized that this market was a market unto itself and that seniors were in need of his help more than any other age group.
After a few years of servicing thousands of senior clients, focused on Final Expense Life Insurance and Medicare Supplements, he went on to become Vice-President of a small agency located in Roanoke, Virginia. Todd had visions of something larger that would span the entire US and left in 2007 to form an insurance marketing group.
Todd formed relationships with agents and agencies across the nation from New York to Hawaii and from Florida to Alaska. He has aligned himself with a wide array of companies, products, and training alliances (like our insurance training website) that allows agents to sell and service to clients while earning top commissions and remaining independent.
Todd has been assisting with agents for almost 3 years now and he has recently agreed to be our senior trainer. Todd has taken our first class training material and has made it even better. He has done his best to share all of his years of knowledge, insight and experience. These are indeed ‘The Keys to Success’ of professional fulfillment, success, reward and a great life. And you don’t necessarily have to invest years of training and preparation to earn that great life. Feel Free to contact Todd if you need anything. And good luck with your future and fulfilling your goals.
Final Expense Insurance Sales
Is a Genuine Career Opportunity, and We
Will Give You the Very Tools You Need
To Succeed.
With our help, many new agents have replaced their full-time income within a few months — and left those taxing, draining, dead-end jobs behind. However, let’s be honest… you have to be willing to work hard and invest the time and take some risk.
But, once you know what you are doing, if you’re determined to succeed, you can expect to sell 10-15 policies a week and earn an average commission of $500 per policy. With that potential, this can significantly increase your income.
Join Today and Take the First Steps
To Your New ‘Life’ – Within Just Minutes.
When you join our site, you’ll learn how to set 5-7 appointments a day, 3 days a week. You will also learn about the different companies offering ‘Final Expense Insurance’, and how each company has its own rules on health conditions — and that will help you help everyone you meet be an “Insurable Customer”.
Let’s be real. This is not ‘Rocket Science’. It’s just knowing the product, knowing how to get in front of someone who needs the product, knowing where to find the best product from the right company for the person you’re talking to, knowing what ‘Hot Buttons’ to touch on when you are talking to someone, and knowing how to be ‘Persuasive’ without being aggressive
Basically, it’s all about knowing human nature and being a human being when you’re talking to someone.
An Agent’s Note on Being Human:
“Todd, I just wanted to say thank you for your personable approach. I took your advice and got rid of that salesman in me. I decided to just be their friend and go into the next sale with a smile on my face, not caring whether they bought from me but rather did I help this person today.
Well, Todd, yesterday I went into a home and, yes, believe it or not, I looked this old couple in the eye and I told them that they didn’t need any insurance.
They were dead set on changing their Medicare Supplement policy and when I looked at that policy and saw the price they were paying and the fact that it was Mutual of Omaha, I flat out told them that they shouldn’t be buying any new insurance. I said, “You have a mighty good policy right there and you’d be a fool to let that go.”
I sat right there and told them this. Yes, I could have saved them a few dollars but I figured if this was my Mamma, I would tell her to stay with what she has. There just was no use in them having to learn a new insurance company’s and provider’s rules over saving a few dollars a month.
They were thrilled and reassured – they were smiling ear to ear and the entire mood in the room changed.
I had their trust and while the going was good, I asked if I could see all their insurance policies. I just wanted to make sure that they were covered properly and that they weren’t paying too much. Well, by God, when looking at their Globe Life insurance policy, I saw that their policy ended in 5 years. Like so many seniors, they thought they had permanent life insurance. They didn’t know that the policy would expire when they turned 80. I explained to them that this is a term to 80 and that they best look at getting a true Whole Life Insurance policy.
I pulled out my applications, asked them all the health questions, decided they qualified for first day coverage and then worked out the monthly cost. To make a long story short, the cost was the same as they were paying and the coverage went well beyond their 80th birthday. I was their hero!
Todd, you are right. When you go in with their best interest in mind, not worried about making a sale, you will get a sale. Because I gained their trust, I was able to sell two policies and I was $800 richer.”
Here Are The
‘Keys to Success’,
And They Are All Addressed Inside:
1- Getting Your Insurance License
This is the hardest part of the whole process of selling life insurance, and it doesn’t have anything to do with life insurance. Not everyone passes the insurance sales exam the first time they take it. That said, we’ll point you to the best schools online or in your own community. Once you have your license, you’re ready to make some money selling ‘Final Expense Insurance’. Lots of money!
2- Identifying and Signing On with the Best Insurance Companies

Here, in our site, we identify all of the Insurance Companies which offer ‘Final Expense Insurance’. We break it down so you’ll know exactly which are the best companies to sell.You will learn:

  • Which companies pay the highest commissions
  • Which companies offer the insurance with the lowest premiums
  • Which companies accept which illnesses, without question.
3- Buying ‘Leads’, and Prospecting for ‘Leads’ — Without Buying them
We’ll teach you how to acquire the most effective ‘Final Expense Insurance’ sales leads for your local area, for the least amount. You’ll also learn which types of ‘Final Expense Insurance’ leads are most effective, which companies have the best leads and how much you should pay for each type of lead. And, you’ll learn which Insurance Agencies provide leads for you, in exchange for a share of your commission.
4 – Setting ‘Final Expense Insurance’ Appointments
Some experienced, street-smart sales pros contact their leads ahead of time, and make appointments with them. You can set about seven ‘Final Expense Insurance’ pre-set appointments a day — depending on how many leads you have. We’ll give you script to use for setting appointments, and a recommended schedule to help you be most effective. With help, you can either set appointments yourself, or hire someone on a part-time basis to set appointments for you. We’ll also teach you how to set appointments face-to-face.
5 – An Easy, Painless, Step-by-Step Approach to Selling Burial Insurance

Once you have your license, you have your leads lined up and you’re now standing — actually, you’re probably sitting — in front of a prospect, what’s next?What do you do? What do you say? How do you get into the Sales presentation? How do you move to ‘The Close’? If you know what you’re doing, answering those questions is easy. Making it easy is exactly what we’re here for. We do that by providing a simple, straight-forward, step-by-step Sales Presentation guide. And, part of that guide deals with learning how to deal with common objections — they are so common, most people who bring them up aren’t really objecting, they’re just using the objections as a ‘Smoke Screen’ to avoid dealing with any decisions, not necessarily decisions about Burial Insurance — and you can use the insight we provide to answer those ‘Objections’ and take the Sales Presentation to the next step. If you follow the step-by-step guide, you’ll sell about 75% of all prospects.

6 – Closing the Sale
We can’t make this too easy for you. OK, yes, we can! Learning how to ask the prospect for his or her decision — essentially, ‘Closing the Sale’ — is as simple as using nine words in one simple sentence. And those nine words are….
7 – ‘Customer-Care’ — Techniques to Keep Your Customers for Life
Selling Life Insurance is only the beginning. Once you’ve sold the Prospect and that person becomes not only a customer, but also a friend, you must stay in touch on a regular basis, to visit and to re-assess their insurance needs. This is where the ‘Art of the Soft Sell’ and ‘Applied Finesse’ will provide you with a residual income for years to come. Not having to re-sell people and still enjoy the revenue provided by their insurance means you have time to sell new prospects. That’s how you grow your client list — and really improve your own ‘Quality of Life’ and that of your family.


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